Month: December 2012

My thoughts on Newtown

I will start by saying that my heart is with the families in Newtown, Connecticut.  What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary was a horrific tragedy, and nothing anyone says or posts is going to change that.

What the events in Newtown bring to light for me is fear—not fear for other children in other schools (although yes, that’s concerning), but fear for humanity.  I was deeply shaken to see how many people took a stand for gun rights after the shooting.

I’d always kind of skimmed over gun control in the long list of highly polarized political issues I argue about.  It never hit home for me.  I saw both sides of the issue.  Yeah, I get that people who commit crimes with guns commit crimes with guns and therefore probably won’t be deterred by the instatement of a new law.  But I also understand that if it weren’t so easy to obtain guns, fewer crimes involving them would occur.  But I didn’t have my own stance, so I stayed out of it.

But after the shooting in Connecticut raised nearly as many opponents of gun control as it did advocates, I was like, “How is this possible?  Now?  We’re going to champion gun rights right now?

Here’s an example.  I just took this picture in my own hometown:


People, really?

Here’s my big issue: ‘U keep the change.’

Okay, I agree.  There shouldn’t be gun control laws.  No, rephrase.  We shouldn’t need gun control laws. But as the human consciousness seems thus far resistant to ‘change’ and has failed to evolve beyond the primitive need for government and governmental restrictions on weapons, something must be done while we wait for it—if only to prevent the mass murder of children.

We need change, people, and if you aren’t willing to change your minds, then we need to change the law.

Just read this on John Hansen’s blog. Seemed relevant.