Pitch Contests!

Querying is hard and rejection sucks.   Sometimes,


BUT, I am an avid follower of awesome agents and authors on Twitter and I’ve learned about some contests coming up, so I thought I’d share.  I think pitch contests make the querying process more fun.


Really though, they’re an awesome way to do some networking, meet cool new people, and, best case scenario, get some requests and land a super fantastic agent.

Okay, contest number one:

Cupid’s Blind Speed Dating

If you don’t already follow Cupid (@CupidsLC) on Twitter, you should.

For the contest you’ll need a finished manuscript, a great query, and a killer first 250 words of your ms.  You also need to be able to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.  This contest is huge and I’m very certain it’s a ton of work, so if you don’t follow the formatting guidelines and such, you will probably be disqualified.  Here’s the link for the details on Cupid’s blog: http://www.cupidslitconnection.blogspot.com/2013/01/blind-speed-dating-event-information.html

Note, there’s also a second contest on this page.  It’s a kissing scene contest!  And who doesn’t love a good kissing scene? This is kinda contest 1.5 because in order to enter the kissing scene contest, you have to have entered the speed dating contest.

Also note that there is a $10 donation required to enter the speed dating contest.

Okay, contest number two!

A Twitter Pitch Party

There will be a Twitter pitch party on January 25th!  It’ll run from 8AM – 8PM EST.  Remember, the contest is on Twitter so you have to pitch your book in 140 characters or less AND you need to include the hashtag #PitMad, or your entry won’t count.

And, contest number three:

Pitch Madness

In Pitch Madness, you pitch your book in 35 words and follow it up with the first 150 words of your ms.  I know considerably fewer details about this contest, but I’ll tell you when I do!  It will take place in March, but the exact date is TBD.

Finally, contest number four:

Operation Awesome: The Mystery Agents

This is a monthly, single-sentence pitch contest in which the mystery agent’s wishlist and interests are posted, and fifty one-sentence pitches are accepted in the comments.  The agent then picks his/her favorite(s) and requests material.  (I just entered the January contest, fingers crossed!)

Note also that the rules vary in each month.  Some have specific word/character count limits, some don’t, and some aren’t single-sentence pitches at all, but allow you to post the first 200 words of your ms and so forth.  It’s important to check the specifications every time.  Anyway, this contest happens on the 1st of each month.  Here’s the link!


That’s all I have for now.  You can also find out contest info by joining CPseek.com (plus, it’s a great way to find critique partners and fellow writers who are also slogging through the slush, as well as mentor-type authors who are very helpful). I’d also suggest checking out Brenda Drake’s blog (http://brenleedrake.blogspot.com/) because she is fantastic and runs contests throughout the year.

I can’t wait ’til I’m agented/published so I can run contests to help other writers become agented and published!

Good luck with your entries!


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