Thursday’s Children: 02.14.2013


Okay, some of you know that I started writing this post last week. I’ve been working on it, but. Ack! I came here with the intention of explaining to you my muse, the lifeblood of my work, my greatest inspiration. But I’m not sure I know how. I’ve never tried to explain this particular inspiration to anyone.

I’m also a little worried that you will laugh at me.


I am most inspired by my character, Lord Caden. Some of you had the pleasure of “meeting” him last week. THAT was fun (and entertaining). He’s lovely. But—I really don’t know how to do this. I guess I’ll start with the basics.

In SHADOW, Lord Caden is an incubus and the secondary leader of a planet (and also an assassin—multi-talented I guess). Uh, here’s the description of him from my query:

The incubus. The dark, sarcastic, damn-near-invincible incubus who oozes sex appeal and never loses.

And here’s the first description of him in the book:

His smile was breathtaking, his beauty; matchless—his pale skin contrasting with black, lustrous hair and such dark, lustful eyes.

He also always  wears black. I’m into that sort of thing. 😀 So you kind of have a picture of him now (hopefully) but this isn’t about his looks. Lord Caden is so much more than a character in a story to me. He sort of embodies everything I wish I could be. He’s powerful. He’s in absolute control of every situation. The only thing that trips him up is my MC, Sera. I had to give him some weakness, didn’t I? He’s never awkward and he’s never been embarrassed in his 12,000-something years. He’s brilliant and charismatic
and . . .

Writing this is making me breathless.

I have a very deep connection with this character. I had to write a poem about my greatest inspiration for a creative writing class in college, and I had this, sort of, revelation about my relationship with him while writing it. So, I think the easiest way to explain what I’m (wordily and futilely) trying to explain is to just let you read it.


Let me just say that poetry is not my forte . . . fair warning.


L.  Caden


And to think
That I invented you.

Eyes that speak only the truth.

Blackest hair,
Lustrous even in the night

Lustful, cool—with burning might.

Body white
Perfection, simple complexity combined.

And in my mind
I’ve known you for millennia.
This is a rework.
A replica
A copy that’s been made                    to set me free.




And to think

That you invented me.


Soooo . . . that’s that, folks. Talking about this is like exposing my soul. To the internet. So, be gentle.



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  1. But somehow I don’t picture Lord Caden bringing you a big goofy V Day teddy bear 😉 I definitely fall in love with my main characters, both male and female. If I didn’t, I don’t think I could describe how other characters fall in love with them. And like you, my characters sometimes embody traits I wish I had. That whole “writing to live other lives” thing. Yeah. Happy Valentine’s Day. See you on Twitter Lord C…

  2. The poem is beautiful, like you. And having had the privilege of getting to know the complex and irresistible Lord Caden (YAY ME!!) I’d say you did a fine job of creating him–or vice versa, as it were 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hey, doesn’t sound strange to me. That’s always been a big part of why I write- I like to explore different versions of who I might have been, how my life might have turned out if I’d taken the left fork instead of the right. And the more time I spend trying on those different hats, the closer I come to who I really am.

    Also, Lord Caden is a badass.

  4. Hey! I think it’s way okay to be in love with your characters — even as deeply in love as you are with Lord Caden. Of course it makes sense to write about characters we’d either love to be, or be with. Just makes them more addicting and fun to read about. Thanks for sharing!

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