Month: May 2013

Thursday’s Children: 05.09.2013


Have you ever edited something so many times it loses meaning?

*sigh* I’m working on a ginormous rewrite of SHADOW right now. Let me say that I love this book. It’s my favorite, and it always will be. I will never get sick of the characters or the plot, no matter how many times I read it. But it’s gotten to a point where I have the ms pretty much memorized. So I’m not exactly sure what’s working and what’s not. Nothing hits me freshly, and that’s never good.

So what inspired me this week was a reversion to old school technology: I’m starting this baby over in a notebook.

Me and my new buddy! Yes, it’s black and glittery. Would you expect any less of me?


And of course I’m keeping my characters (Lord Caden fans, don’t worry) and the basic plot line. But there’s so much that needs work (POV, tense, and a bunch of other shtuff) that it’s not worth going through and changing every other word in my Word document. I tried starting a new document, but I was really tempted to say, “Well, I’m keeping this plot event so I’m just gonna copy/paste.” Nooooooo, for a couple reasons. One) The whole thing needs to be fresh, right down to sentence structure and wording. Two) I don’t want to be limited by my current plot. There’s a lot of possibility there that I haven’t explored! So I’m writing it out. Yes, I am writing out my entire novel, with a pen (pencil?), in a notebook. Which, maybe you’re like, “So? I do that every time.” Well, I don’t. I haven’t done this since the very first time I tried to write a novel which was in eighth grade. I’m exhilarated by it.

I also get to see what my thought process looks like on paper. 0.o


(I also stand by the notion that geniuses have terrible handwriting.)

So what about you? Do you type it or write it out? How do you make sure you have the utmost clarity when you overhaul your work?

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