Morning Musings on Materialism

Everyone loves some good alliteration, right?

This morning I opened my online technical writing class because I had an assignment due, and I hadn’t even looked at it yet because, well, technical writing. It was a “read and respond” type thing about an article on American individualism. The article claimed one staple of American culture is “Materialism is Good,” that material possessions are more important than everything else.  Here were my thoughts:

Materialism is Good

I think America is moving away from this slowly. In up and coming generations, family, relationships, and intellect especially are more valuable than material possessions. It’s more powerful for a fifteen year old to say “I have a 4.0” or “I have 3.5K followers” than “I have a new laptop.” This stems directly from the desire for self-definition. Anyone can go buy an iPhone, but genius and charisma are unique and intrinsic traits.

What do you guys think? As technology and “things” are easier to come by, will individual strengths become most valuable?


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