The Tell-Tale Valentine by Jessie Devine! #BleedingHeart2014

Hey, I wrote this!

the midnight type

Bleeding Heart 1

Seeing as it’s Saturday and we’ve all managed to make it to the weekend in one piece, we at The Midnight Type thought you deserved a brand new Bleeding Heart to play with.

Last time we gave you an explicitly good short by the mysterious Violet Skies. Today, we have a story by one of our very own.

Devine in name, divine in nature, Jessie’s THE TELL-TALE HEART tips its hat to Poe in epic Valentine style. If you love it (which you will!) please leave a comment or hit him up online. We’ve even given you little links because we’re just that nice. Enjoy!

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Jessie Devine

The Tell-Tale Valentine

“Valentine’s Day. Do you think it’s totally nerdy to go to a Poe exposé?”

Coral pops her gum. “If she can’t handle the nerdy, she can’t handle you.”

I string…

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