Pitch Wars Mentor Bio!

PitchWars - YAToday’s the day! It’s time to decide which #PitchWars mentors are going to fight over your submission.

But wait, what’s Pitch Wars???

Here is an answer!

I love Pitch Wars because agented writers help unagented writers realize their potential. I also love it because it’s a catalyst for friendships that last forever! I also also love it because I get to throw down.

Why I’m awesome:

I’m represented by Kathleen Rushall of Marsal Lyon Literary. She’s the coolest person ever. I write what I’m requesting, and I have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. I’m also an editorial intern for YA at  Entangled Publishing, and I know how tough it is to work through feedback sometimes. We can talk it out.

This is my second year mentoring! Last year my mentee was the lovely Linsey Miller, and she signed with Rachel Brooks from L. Perkins. Ready to make it two for two?

I’m wildly queer and an unshakable advocate for the trans community. I’m also a We Need Diverse Books team member. I’m in this thing to make marginalized voices louder and important stories impossible to ignore.

If I pick you, I will give you feedback on your entire ms, big picture and inline.

I have a squishy-faced dog named Pickles. Meet your mascot:

sleepy pickles

I’m a martial artist.

I’m super competitive.

I once sang Fall Out Boy live at a drag show.


Books I loved recently:

What I’m looking for:

  • Young adult, only. See that coffee cup up there? I will be just as grumpy if you send me non-YA as I am when there is not enough espresso in my Americano.
  • Excellent LGBTQIA representation. This is a requirement.
  • Fresh, smart contemporary
  • Exciting sci-fi with relatable characters (think THE LUNAR CHRONICLES)
  • Fantasy that feels new.
  • Character driven stories that stick with me
  • Romance and love interests that make me swoon
  • Tough choices
  • Snappy voice
  • Sex positivity

What I’m not looking for:

  • Literally anything with an all-white, all-cis, all-straight cast.
  • Anything that’s not YA
  • Genres I didn’t request
  • Books about religion
  • Predictable stories that rely heavily on tropes
  • Passive main characters

Alright. Show me what you’ve got. For submission guidelines, go here. And I suppose you can check out these other mentors if you have to. 😉


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