Pitch Wars Mentor Bio Blog Hop


Hello, hello. It’s that time of year again, when I get to post my Pitch Wars wishlist and wait for all of you marvelously talented YA writers to send your work my way.

I love Pitch Wars because it’s writers helping writers. Publishing can be rough, but it can also be wonderful. PW is one of those times, when agented/published writers and industry professionals come together to help you guys reach your full potential.

i can help you

Why I’m awesome:

I’m an intern for Pam Howell at D4EO Literary. I’m learning publishing from the other side of the desk, and I know what catches an agent’s eye. I was also an editorial intern with Entangled Publishing last year, and I picked up lots of nifty editing skills.

A previous mentee, the lovely Linsey Miller, signed with Rachel Brooks from L. Perkins, AND she has a book deal! She’s rad. Be sure to check out her bio too.

I’m extremely competitive. I will throw down for you.


I’m wildly queer. I’m in this thing to make marginalized voices louder and important stories impossible to ignore.

I’m a martial arts instructor and weapons specialist.

I once successfully baked macarons. They had legs and everything.


What you can expect from me:

Bluntness, for the sake of clarity. I don’t think it’s helpful for you if I sugar coat the things that need work.


But SQUEEING. Lots of squeeing. If I pick you, it’s because I love your book! And I want to help make it the best it can possibly be. I will not hold back on the squeeing.

We’ll work on everything that needs work, big picture to line edits. I’m good at spotting writing crutches and bad habits. Microtension, plot holes, and character development are also strengths of mine.

I will read through your full manuscript and give you an edit letter. Ideally, I will have time to read your ms again, but this depends on how long revisions take! I will also help revise your query and we’ll come up with a pitch for the agent round.

Books I loved recently:

SIX OF CROWS, Leigh Bardugo
ON THE EDGE OF GONE, Corinne Duyvis

What I’m looking for:

  • Young adult, only. Don’t waste your entry here if your manuscript isn’t YA!
  • Excellent LGBTQIA+ representation
  • Fantasy that feels fresh, and the darker the better
  • Edge-of-your-seat science fiction, hard or soft
  • SOLID world building. I want settings with atmospheres that cling to me.
  • Love interests and romance so intense they hurt
  • Sex positivity

What I’m not looking for:

  • Literally anything with an all-white, all-cis, all-straight cast.
  • Thrillers, horror, or contemporary works
  • Books about religion
  • Predictable stories that rely heavily on tropes
  • Stories about rape
  • Passive main characters
  • Anything slut-shamey

For submission guidelines, go here. Remember, if you have a spare $20 to donate to Pitch Wars, you can submit to TWO extra mentors. This money helps support this massive contest and the people behind the scenes who work around the clock to make it happen. Mentors won’t know if you donate or not, and it will not affect our decisions, so please don’t feel bad or worry if you cannot make a donation at this time.

Be sure to hit me up on Twitter! I’d love to connect.

Oh. And I suppose you can check out these other mentors if you have to. 😉

Alright. Let’s do this.

rock this bitch

On the hunt? Have a letter!

d is for devine


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